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Effective Speaking Survival Guide:

Discover How to Go From Average to Being Able to Speak Confidently by Learning How to Turn Your Camera or Smartphone into Your Personal Coach!

Unlike any online training, you’ll learn steps that you can immediately do at home. In no time, you'll know how to look and appear confident even if you feel nervous on the inside.

What is Effective Speaking Survival Guide?

This is a 6-step online video training created by Darren Tay.

Darren was a shy introvert at 14 years old but he overcame many obstacles and became the World Champion of Public Speaking at age 27 after competing with 30,000 people worldwide.
Today, he's created a groundbreaking training that show you how to become an effective speaker based on his personal experience. Click here to check out what you'll learn.
  • Speaking in front of a group or crowd can be terrifying.
  • It can almost feel like traveling to a foreign country for the 1st time.
  • At times you might feel lost or even clueless about directions!
  • But you'll feel relaxed when you have a travel guide with you.
  • That is why Effective Speaking Survival Guide is created.
  • Designed to help you know what specific steps to take to become an effective speaker.
  • To help you turn a simple camera into a personal guide.
  • You will get rid of all doubts so that you can look and appear confident in front of people.

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Who is Effective Speaking Survival Guide for?

  •  If you currently feel shy to speak in front of a group or crowd
  •  If you want to know how to look and maintain your confidence when speaking
  •  If you are not sure of the lst steps to take in order to become a more effective speaker
  •  If you want to speak effectively in any situation. At presentations, training workshops, talks, sharing of ideas and etc.
  •  If you want to bring your speaking confidence to a new level regardless of your age or experience

The Man Behind Effective Speaking Survival Guide & Why He Created It?

  •  Darren Tay was a shy 14-year-old introvert 
  •  He managed to overcome many obstacles & became the World Champion of Public Speaking at age 27 
  •  His achievement has led him to be featured on BBC World News, CNA and etc.
  •  Despite being a trained lawyer, he gave up a promising career to train hundreds of people worldwide to speak with confidence
  •  Darren created this training as one of the greatest tools that you can use to become an effective speaker is through the use of a camera!
  •  Now that a camera is widely available because of smartphones... it's a tool that everyone SHOULD use!

"Success Occurs When Opportunity
Meets Preparation."

- Zig Ziglar

Check Out What You'll Learn in Effective Speaking Survival Guide...

A 6-Step Video Training by Darren Tay
Based on real-world practical experience

Techniques to Become an Interesting Speaker

 The 5 unbreakable laws of effective communication that will turn you into an interesting person to listen to
 How do you capture people visually so that your listeners have the desire to hear everything that you share with them
 How you can hold people’s attention while you speak even if you’re presenting data or numbers

Controlling People’s Impression of You

 The 5 core body language techniques that will allow you to control people’s impression of you 
 Body language mistakes that most people aren’t even aware of that causes you to unconsciously create the wrong impression
 How do you distribute your eye contact as your speak in front of a group or crowd

Setting Up to Get Your Best Recording & Review

 How to setup your camera or smartphone at home so that you can capture the best recording so you can use it to change the way you speak
 A complete walk through of how you can do your recording and types of equipment that you can get along with your camera or smartphone
 Darren will also reveal a checklist that you can use after you’ve recorded so that you can easily identify speaking techniques that you should start or stop doing

Dealing With Nervousness

 What can you do just minutes or hours before you’re about to speak or present in order to boost your confidence level
 The 2 practical ways that you can deal with nervousness that’s based on Darren’s personal speaking experience
"One year ago I couldn’t even speak to a group of 10 without feeling nervous but this time l presented to a group of 70 managers and leaders from 5 countries! I even had a few people come up and told me it was a good presentation!."

- Ee Lin, Regional Manager

What Will You Get When You Order Effective
Speaking Survival Guide?

You’ll get immediate access to an online portal so you can login and access:

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For A Very Limited Time Only:
You'll also receive 4 valuable bonuses worth $206!

Bonus 1 - Printable 31-Point Self Evaluation Checklist (worth $39):  

 You’ll be able to download and print a self-evaluation checklist so you’re fully aware of what you can do to transform your speaking ability. This will also help you check potential blind spots that you might miss that may cause you to be an ineffective speaker.

Bonus 2 - The S.L.E.E.P Action Plan + Equipment List (worth $29): 

 After learning, it’s EVEN MORE important to start taking steps. You can only learn how to swim by jumping into the water. Therefore, this is an action plan that you can use so you know what you can do to start your speaking journey. If you’re ever confused about where to start… this action plan is your guide! It also comes along with a compiled list of equipment that you can get.

Bonus 3 - A Video Training About Going From An Amateur to a Pro Speaker by Getting 2 Types of Feedback (worth US$39): 

 This is a recorded video training by Darren where you'll learn how to become a highly effective speaker by knowing the 2 types of feedback that you MUST get & HOW to get it.

Bonus 4 - Exclusive Facebook Community (worth US$99): 

 A special invitation to join a growing online community of over 1300+ members from many countries around the world. This is where you can share your speaking videos and journey with other members in the group.
Start going through the training and you’ll know 
how to quickly self-improve in no time.

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About Your Trainer For Effective
Speaking Survival Guide

Darren Tay
World Champion of Public Speaking & 
Founder of Public Speaking Academy Pte Ltd
This program will be personally conducted by Darren Tay who won the World Champion of Public Speaking in 2016.
He was in fact a very soft spoken boy at the age of 14 but overcame all odds to become the world Champion of Public Speaking at 27 years old
He had to survive many rounds of competition throghout 6 months before being able to enter the finals held in Washington, DC.
He emerged #1 out of 30,000 speakers from 42 countries worldwide and was awarded world Champion of Public Speaking in 2016
His achievement attracted a lot media attention and so was featured on Channel NewAsia, BBC, Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, Strait Times and many others.

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Till date, they have trained close to 100,000 people worldwide in 18 different countries.

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